Neuriva reviews

There has been a sharp increase in the number of companies selling nootropic pills, which are known for their capacity to improve cognitive performance.

Neuriva reviews

The fact that they all refer to their brain supplement as “the greatest” is puzzling. However, as we all know, research on nootropics is still in its infancy, and not all supplements are made equal.

One of the most recent to join the bandwagon is Neuriva. Neuriva reviews that hail it as the best nootropic supplement are all over the internet right now.

But does it merit such a name? Let’s look more closely.

We shall attempt to determine whether or not this supplement merits that label in this Neuriva review. What does this dietary supplement do? Why is it unique compared to other nootropics? For you, we have all the solutions.

Top 3 Alternatives to Neuriva

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Best Natural Alternative: Mind Lab Pro
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Describe Neuriva.

Schiff Vitamins, a well-known nutritional supplement company that produces a variety of supplements, is the manufacturer of the brain supplement known under the brand name Neuriva. Their first attempt at smart drugs or cognitive function boosters is Neuriva.

Neuriva gummies, Neuriva capsules, and even liquid shoots are all forms the supplement is offered in. Well, nothing beats a daily dosage of brain-performance enhancers, is there?

However, based on the events thus far, it has not been a pleasant one. Schiff Vitamins is the target of three class action lawsuits, the most recent of which was initiated in May 2020. Decide why.

It’s to refute Schiff Vitamins’ assertion that Neuriva can in any way improve brain function or wellness. Additionally, a number of online Neuriva reviews criticize Schiff’s medications for being pricey and ineffective.

But more importantly, let’s determine if this supplement truly is the greatest one available. There must be two essential components for a supplement to be considered one that might actually enhance brain function or health.

ingredients that have been professionally examined and demonstrated to enhance brain function or wellness.
adequate clinical data to support it.

Does Neuriva experience that? We disagree, just like the men who brought legal action against Schiff Vitamins Nootropic.
Claim for Neuriva

Let’s look at Neuriva’s main claims in order to comprehend why it isn’t the best nootropic pill and why there are legal actions being taken against them.

1) It claims that it can enhance memory and cognitive function.

2) Neuriva Alleges to Improve Concentration

3) They add that this supplement can increase accuracy, which we interpret as a reference to problem-solving.

4) According to Neuriva, it improves learning, which may appeal to pupils.

5) The final claim is that the dietary supplement can improve focus.

The most significant advantages of using any nootropic supplement are without a doubt these five factors. Every nootropic worth its salt ought to make these claims.

However, because they must be supported by clinical evidence, these are difficult to substantiate. This is the weakness of Neuriva.

None of these assertions are supported by any published, independent studies. The single study Neuriva cites discovered that it increased rat attentiveness.

The research on alertness has nothing to do with memory or cognitive ability either. Because of their robust and varied components, which include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbal extracts supported by clinical studies, superior supplements like Noocube and Mind Lab Pro may be responsible for the majority of the other claims.

On that vein, let’s examine Neuriva’s ingredients, another crucial aspect that has displeased a few consumers.
Ingredients for Neuriva

Given that the major claims of Neuriva cannot be supported, let’s examine the ingredients to see why there is such a fuss made about this brain health supplement.

Neuriva contains merely 2 components.

Extract from coffee fruit

We are all familiar with coffee beans, which are known for waking us up and boosting our alertness. However, a fruit known as a coffee cherry grows around the bean. Typically, coffee cherries are either thrown away during the brewing of the coffee or utilised in other industrial processes.

Its wealth of health advantages was just recently discovered by scientists. Flavonoids, antioxidants, and other naturally occurring substances that have several advantages are abundant in the coffee fruit extract.

But instead of using the entire coffee berry concentrate, Schiff Vitamins simply uses the rind and skin to create the Neuriva brain supplement. Therefore, the powdered whole coffee fruit concentrate that appears on the label is actually false.

The fact that coffee fruit extract hasn’t been thoroughly researched scientifically is another issue. The concentrations of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF), a protein that promotes the growth and survival of brain neurons, can be raised by consuming coffee cherry and French melon concentrate, according to one clinical trial.

This is encouraging, but additional studies are required to determine whether coffee fruit extract can genuinely enhance cognition or memory in people in addition to increasing levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor.

Due to the lack of human clinical proof for Neuriva’s brain supplement, we might conclude that the research is inconclusive.


All body tissues, including brain cells, contain the phospholipid phosphatidylserine in their cell membranes. Because it has been demonstrated to enhance older citizens’ cognitive performance, it is well-liked as a supplement.

According to a Japanese study, phosphatidylserine can help Alzheimer’s patients with their memory, cognitive function, and brain health. This study has to be repeated in larger trials because it involved such a small sample size of participants.

According to the available data, it is possible that phosphatidylserine will help older people’s brains operate better. But additional research is required to see whether it may genuinely help healthy adults, just like coffee fruit extract. On this, the verdict is still out.

All done. Only 1 of the 2 components has any scientific support. The other is basically a fruit extract that might be beneficial for your health.

This is a night and day contrast from the chemicals in Noocube or Mind Lab Pro, which we will go into depth about.

Each of these compounds has been clinically demonstrated to enhance memory or brain function.
How effective is Neuriva?

Brief response: We don’t believe so.

Long answer: Although some reviews on Amazon are favorable, the majority don’t provide dose or the components that were used.

The likelihood that these reviews are false also cannot be ruled out. In order to increase sales, companies in the health supplement sector frequently employ promoters to write fictitious evaluations.

According to our research of the contents, Neuriva does not contain enough of certain substances to support some of the claims that are made. There are only two ingredients in the mixture, and only one of them has any scientific support.

The data on these chemicals that we looked at is likewise not definitive. If they can genuinely enhance human memory or brain health, more investigation is required.

So, Neuriva is effective? No, we don’t think so, is our response. Simply put, there isn’t enough proof to back up the assertions they are making. We suggest taking a look at Noocube, Mind Lab Pro, or Hunter Focus if you’re looking for a supplement for brain health. They contain substances whose effects on memory and brain cell function have been demonstrated in clinical studies.

What negative effects can you get from using Neuriva?

It only has two ingredients, and they are used in extremely small amounts. To be fair, we don’t believe taking Neuriva brain supplements has any negative side effects.

In fact, one customer on Amazon claimed that they had been using it for some time and had experienced no negative side effects.

But if you’re still a little dubious, we advise speaking with your doctor first before using this supplement. Watch out for symptoms of nausea or insomnia as well. These negative effects are typically brought on by nootropics made from coffee cherry extract.

As Mind Lab Pro contains 12 substances, each of which has been clinically examined and demonstrated to boost brain health, we advise staying with it. Furthermore, we haven’t yet discovered any unfavorable comments on Amazon. Click here to read the full review.

Pros and Cons of Neuriva

It’s critical to consider both the benefits and drawbacks of any dietary supplements when conducting research. Here is what we discovered:


many wonderful testimonials from clients
reputable brand with a number of profitable products
one-time transaction. A one-time purchase only


There is conflicting evidence that the components can enhance memory or brain function.
Initial results suggest that coffee cherries can improve mental performance. however, despite what the manufacturer of the Neuriva brain performance supplement promises,
only 2 substances, neither of which have been scientifically proven
Numerous assertions that don’t add up
The brand is plagued by ongoing lawsuits over the allegations.